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Our approach to the real estate business has evolved over the years and is a direct result of our experience in other businesses. Robert Moore managed a large markeing department for a major bank for many years. During that time he was responsible for marketing, sales, planning and personnel. Robert realized that what made him successful was the attention to detail, an innovative approach to the market, and measurable customer service.

Committed to New Methods of Service

When we entered the real estate business we came to it without a desire to fit ourselves into the traditional realtor model. Instead we analyzed the real estate business in Texas and developed our business to satisfy what we would expect from a realtor ourselves. We used our analysis of what led to success in our other businesses as a foundation of what would be good business practice in real estate.

We have also learned that many people who buy or sell homes make decisions largely on the basis of emotions. Although buying a home is often the single most important financial decision people make, many approach transaction with little or no information. They act on their heart and instinct. Imagine how someone feels two years later when discovering their house is worth less than they paid for it – it happens more often than you think.

Business Approach

We believe that home ownership is part of an overall financial plan and should be approached in a businesslike manner. We believe in giving our clients all the information necessary to make well informed, intelligent decisions. We believe in investing in new technology and providing our clients with services that set a new standard for the industry.

We decided years ago to approach the realty business as consultants rather than salespeople. Our business is real estate, but our clients’ business is what is best for them and their family and we act accordingly. Consequently, most of our business today comes from referrals and past clients. If you structure a real estate business the way we do, you put the future of your business in the hands of your clients – if you don’t do an extraordinary job you won’t get referrals and eventually you won’t be in business anymore.